The advantages of buying a BMW Approved Used vehicle

BMW Approved Used vehicles come with added peace of mind

Buying a pre-owned car is a great way of driving your dream car at a significantly reduced price. Since cars depreciate the moment they are driven off the showroom floor, buying a pre-owned car, even if it is only a year old, will represent a significant saving.

The downside of buying a pre-owned car is that you can never be sure of how the car was looked after in its previous life, how it was driven and how it was maintained. Many motorists are afraid of the risk that comes with this uncertainty.

BMW Approved Used cars eliminate any risk and allow motorists to shop in the pre-owned market with peace of mind.  

Models offered for sale under the BMW Approved Used banner need to adhere to certain criteria. This includes a full-service history, rigorous checks as well as the balance of at least one year/25 000kms of their Motorplan, with the option to extend. Buyers are also offered a guaranteed trade in offer on their current model if it adheres to certain criteria, ensuring a one stop, hassle free experience.

All BMW Approved Used Cars are subjected to extensive checks to ensure that they still comply to all the specific product standards areas such as service and recall history, accident and body damage, undercarriage condition, electrical systems, mechanical checks, an inventory of removable items as well as a road test. In the interest of retaining the high standards that Approved Used BMWs are known for any shortcomings are repaired or attended to before the vehicle is presented for sale.

All BMW Approved Used cars are sold with a complete vehicle and service history which notes any accidents and repairs. This ensures that shoppers are fully aware of the history and exact condition of the BMW they are interested in buying.

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The result is that shoppers are guaranteed 100% premium quality and uncompromising reliability when opting for a BMW Approved Used vehicle.

In addition, all BMW Approved Used cars come with added peace of mind in the form of BMW On Call. This service ensures 24/7 access to roadside assistance from qualified BMW Technicians who make your safety and convenience their priority.

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