How safe are BMW vehicles in the event of an accident?

What does BMW do to make their vehicles safe?

For modern consumers the safety of vehicles is just as important as its performance, fuel economy or level of technology. BMW are known for producing luxury vehicles with an inherent degree of sportiness. However, built into all BMWs is an extremely high level of safety both in terms of preventing accidents from occurring as well as for keeping occupants safe should an accident occur.

In order to determine the safety of vehicles all new BMW models are subjected to physical safety testing in independent laboratories. These laboratories subject the vehicles to several crash tests and study the effects by way of how the vehicle looks after the accident, high speed cameras and sophisticated crash test dummies. All BMW models currently on sale have received five stars in the crash testing programmes that they are subjected to.

For BMW ensuring that their vehicles are safe is just as important as assisting drivers to avoid accidents in the first place. BMWs Active Driving Assistant suite includes technology such as a frontal collision warning system, active blind spot detection, lane departure warnings and speed limit notifications.

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BMWs latest iX represents a new era in individual mobility while at the same time offering the highest levels of safety. Recently the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), which is the consumer protection institute specialising in automotive safety, awarded the iX the highest possible rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP safety assessment.

The iX received five-star ratings in all test categories of the Euro NCAP crash test. Amongst other features testers highlighted the effectiveness of the new interactive airbag between the driver and front passenger seats, which provides additional protection against injury in the event of a side collision.

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The integrated safety concept of the iX ensures the highest level of passenger protection. In addition to precisely coordinated restraint systems, this includes highly resilient support structures and precisely designed deformation zones that absorb the impact of a collision and keep it away from the passenger compartment. The body structure is mated to an aluminium spaceframe concept featuring a carbon cage for the passenger compartment. For added protection torsion-resistant components made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer are used in the roof, side and rear sections.

The BMW iX features a variety of innovative safety features. One such example is the active bonnet, which is raised by means of a pyrotechnical triggering mechanism as soon as the data collected by sensors indicate a corresponding collision. This creates a deformation zone that prevents direct impact between the pedestrian or cyclist and hard components in the engine compartment. On the BMW iX the Driving Assistant Professional package is offered as an option, which includes steering and lane guidance assistance.

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