Catering for the Northern Cape’s BMW needs

Serving the Northern Cape from Kimberley

Sovereign BMW Kimberley is a full-service BMW dealership located at 110 Long street in the heart of Kimberley.

The dealership is well established and has been part of the Sovereign Group for quite some time. The extensive facility retails the entire BMW product portfolio and can accommodate 10 new vehicles, 25 used vehicles and up to 20 motorcycles at any one time.

The team at BMW Sovereign Kimberley is currently being led by Dealer Principal Imtiaz Ameer. Ameer has been involved in the motor industry since 1991 and has gained a lot of experience as he worked himself through the ranks as a new car sales executive, sales manager and up to dealer principal level with various brands across the industry.

“In my role as dealer principal at BMW Kimberley I look forward to helping the existing staff realise their potential and in doing so realise the potential of the dealership,” says Ameer.

“I have a very open relationship with my staff and assist them wherever possible in running the dealership on a daily basis, something that I am able to do thanks to my extensive experience. While trading conditions are tough, we are also doing everything we can to offer exceptional customer service,” adds Ameer.

The Motorrad division at BMW Kimberley is one of the brands best performers, outperforming the dealership size and selling up to 160 motorcycles a year.

“The area around Kimberley really lends itself to motorcycling and especially adventure motorcycling with a myriad of dirt roads and off-road destinations to be explored, for which our range of GS motorcycles are perfect,” explains Ameer.

Another factor that makes BMW Kimberley truly unique is that they are the only BMW dealership in the whole of the Northern Cape. 

“Serving such a large geographic area has its pros and cons but we are working very hard to capitalize on this unique situation,” says Ameer.

“Being part of a big group like Sovereign and Motus offers massive benefits including the support, guidelines and expertise that shareholders and management offers,” adds Ameer.

While we service a large area, closer to home we are putting in a lot of effort into rebuilding our relationship with the Kimberley community.

“For example, BMW Kimberley has entered into a partnership with St Patricks schools, which is a great platform for us to give back to the community and also showcase our products on various occasions such as at sports events and their upcoming 125th birthday celebrations,” says Ameer.

BMW Kimberley are also involved in a variety of additional community initiatives such as sponsorship of the fun walk at the Sol Plaatje University and projects at the local SPCA.

“It is an exciting time to be retailing BMWs and we look forward to the arrival of the new X5 and X6 as well as the fully electric BMW Motorrad CE 04. We will continue to strive to make sure that we run a good business while creating a pleasurable experience for our staff and customers,” concludes Ameer.

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