BMW's Autumn 2023 model upgrades revealed

What's new in BMW's Autumn 2023 model lineup

BMW have announced a number of updates to their model range that will be rolled out over the coming months. These features are set to enhance the BMW model line-up and centre around the latest advances in terms of digitalisation. 

For example, going forward, the new BMW X1 and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer will both be equipped with the upgraded BMW iDrive featuring QuickSelect and BMW Operating System 9.

The BMW Digital Premium offering, with its highly customisable selection of online based services, is also being introduced in both model series at the same time. In addition a variety of additional digital services will be made available for a large number of current models via Remote Software Upgrade. An extended range of functions will also add to the appeal of the My BMW App.

In terms of automated driving systems, the highlight is without a doubt the new Highway Assistant which is due to become available for models in the BMW 7 Series range from March 2024 following its premiere in the new 5 Series Sedan.

BMW iDrive with QuickSelect

From November 2023 production, the upgraded BMW iDrive with QuickSelect will be fitted as standard to all model variants of the new BMW X1, the all-electric BMW iX1 and the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, allowing numerous vehicle functions to be operated even more intuitively and easily. The latest incarnation of the display and operating system is based on BMW Operating System 9 and is packaged together with the BMW Curved Display and BMW intelligent Personal Assistant. 

The new BMW iDrive now features a redesigned home screen and the QuickSelect rapid-access tech, featuring an improved menu structure that takes its cue from consumer electronics devices and displays the navigation system’s map view or other configurable graphics in the control display at all times. On the same level, function icons appear in a vertical arrangement on the driver’s side of the display. The QuickSelect feature allows the function selected to be activated without having to enter the submenu.

BMW Operating System 9 was developed in-house by the BMW Group and is based on an Android Open Source Project stack for the first time. It provides the basis for a broader offering of digital content that serves information and entertainment, shorter function update cycles and improved accessibility to a host of specific online services.

New BMW Digital Premium Offering

The new BMW Digital Premium offering will be launched in Germany alongside the introduction of BMW Operating System 9. It will be available to order from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, which has now been expanded with the addition of further third-party apps allowing customers to enjoy in car use of all the apps available in their country for video and music streaming, news or gaming, as part of a package.

This new offering is designed to allow customers to put together a customised selection of digital services from the growing variety on offer that are perfectly suited to their personal requirements.

A new form of in-car gaming unique to the automotive sector is one of the highlights of BMW Digital Premium. BMW is presenting a wide selection of casual games that use a smartphone as the controller in collaboration with the AirConsole gaming platform.

Enhanced navigation functions, additional My Modes

One of the key benefits of BMW Digital Premium is the enhanced functionality of the cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps. For example, real-time traffic information with colour coding shows how freely traffic is flowing across the entire map area, even if route guidance is not activated. Functionality includes 3D visualisation of buildings and surrounding elements in the map view and extended information on parking facilities. 

Remote Software Upgrades for enhanced driving pleasure

The Remote Software Upgrades bring existing digital functions right up to date. New features and improvements to quality can be imported into the car over the air. The latest in-car gaming and video-streaming services for BMW models will be made available for the majority of vehicles with BMW Operating System 8.5 in this way.

Extra functions for the My BMW App

The My BMW App for smartphones provides customers with a direct link to their car and allows access to numerous functions designed to make day to day mobility even more straightforward. This includes information transferred to the user’s smartphone concerning their vehicle status, servicing requirements, charging status and range, as well as remote access to functions for vehicle locating, locking and unlocking of the doors, climate control and the monitoring of the car’s immediate vicinity. Charging optimised routes can also be planned via the My BMW App and destination addresses sent from a smartphone to the vehicle’s navigation system.

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