Why you should buy BMW approved used cars

Every Approved Used BMW is sold with a complete vehicle and service history, which includes details of any accidents or major repairs.

Buying a used car is a great way of driving your dream car at a significantly reduced price. Unfortunately, the used car market doesn't have the best reputation, shaped by a history of unscrupulous dealers and dodgy private sellers.

BMW offers a solution to this, with their approved used cars programme, which offers customers all the benefits of buying a used car without any of the drawbacks. In fact the BMW Approved Used car programme boasts an excellent reputation of offering used cars of an exceptionally high quality, along with a variety of benefits at a competitive price point.

Vehicles sold under the BMW Approved Used Cars banner boast a full vehicle and service history. They are also subjected to rigorous quality checks and are sold with the balance of their Motorplan, which will be a minimum of one year/25 000km, as well as a guaranteed trade-in offer on your current vehicle. 

Every Approved Used BMW is sold with a complete vehicle and service history, which includes details of any accidents or major repairs. This means absolute peace of mind, as customers are made aware of the exact condition of the BMW they are purchasing.

Quality is ensured as every BMW Approved Used Car is subjected to a variety of rigorous vehicle checks in order to guarantee that they apply to all the specific product standards. This quality checklist includes over 30 individual categories including service and recall history, accident and body damage, undercarriage condition, electrical system, mechanical checks, removable item inventory, which ensures that all equipment such as tyre repair kits and tools are in place. As a final check a comprehensive road test is conducted.

All BMW Approved Used cars are sold with the balance of their Motorplan intact, with a minimum time frame of one-year/25 000km. BMW also offer a variety of extended Motorplan options

BMW Approved Used car customers can take to the road with confidence knowing that anything should go wrong with their vehicle, they will have access to the BMW On Call Service. This provides BMW owners with 24/7 access to roadside assistance from qualified BMW technicians. If they are not able to rectify the issue on the spot, the vehicle will be moved to a BMW dealership for the required repair.

BMW also make the process of buying an approved used car easier as they will offer motorists a guaranteed market related trade-in offer on their current vehicle.

Along with offering high quality used car options and a number of peace of mind features, BMW Approved Used car customers are also eligible for BMW Select finance. This means that customers buying a used BMW that is less than two years old and who drive less than 20 000km per year can qualify for a flexible financing option.This flexible financing option allows customers to set their mileage limit, choose their term and decide on an optional deposit according to their specific driving needs. Given these outstanding benefits, BMW Approved Used Cars are truly the best way to drive the BMW of your dreams at a more affordable price point.