What is the most effective way to increase a used car's value?

These steps can help increase the value of your used car

The pre-owned market is almost always flooded with cars for sale, especially when it comes to popular models. Here are effective ways to increase the value of your pre-owned car and ensure that your car stands out from the crowd.  

Have your car serviced

A service history at the OEM dealer is a great way to ensure that you are offered market value or better for your car. While the stamp in the book may seem insignificant, it is an indication to the dealer or potential buyer that the car was well cared for and that any potential issues during its life span were adequately resolved. If the car is due for a service, it is best practice to have that done before offering the car for sale. Nothing puts potential buyers off quicker than a dashboard full of warning lights. If you have done any maintenance or repairs to the vehicle outside of its normal servicing, add those receipts to the service book as a record of what has been done too.

Ensure that the car is roadworthy

Any pre-owned car will have to pass a roadworthy test before it can be registered onto the new owners name. You can most certainly increase the value of your car by ensuring that it is in a roadworthy condition. Pay particular attention to the tyres, windscreen, shock absorbers, lights and make sure that the vehicle does not have any oil or coolant leaks.

Clean the car

Presenting a car for sale in a clean condition shows that the car was well cared for and allows potential buyers to get a real idea of its actual condition. Even though you might have cleaned your car regularly during your ownership journey it is a worthwhile investment to have your car professionally cleaned before presenting it for sale. Professional detailers will ensure that the car is in excellent condition inside and out and will also be able to address any light scratches or scuffs by means of polishing.

Fix any damages

When trying to sell your car a dealer or prospective dealer will negotiate a lower value based on any damages to a vehicle. This is why it is a good idea to ensure that any damage is repaired before a car is presented for sale. This includes anything from minor accident damage to small bumps and scratches as well as cracked or chipped windscreens. While these fixes might cost you money to repair now, a car that is in perfect condition and that requires no reconditioning will be more attractive to potential buyers.

Get the paperwork in order

Ensure that the vehicles paperwork is in order. This includes the licence disc as well as the registration certificate. If the vehicle is financed, you will need to contact your financial services provider and advise them that you are planning to sell the vehicle. Once the financial services provider has been settled, either by you or the dealer in the case of a trade in, they will release the required documentation.

Remove any modifications

Modifying a car is a very personal exercise and so you will make your car more attractive to potential buyers by returning it to the condition in which it left the factory. This includes refitting standard wheels, removing accessories such as roof racks, upgraded suspension and off-road tyres as well as any stickers that may have been applied to the vehicle.