The distinctive sounds of the new all electric Mini family

Discover the future of automotive design and technology with the all-electric Mini family. Immerse yourself in the distinctive sounds that define eco-friendliness.

Sound staging is becoming a fundamental component of the purely electric driving experience and now diverse sound worlds are being utilised to enrich the immersive experience of the new Mini Cooper Electric.

The repertoire includes completely new driving sounds in the interior, an unmistakable exterior sound, jingles for the new Mini experience modes as well as new sound icons for information and warning functions.

These new sounds form an integral part of the digital experience and are individually tailored to each of the new models. The sounds are responsible for creating emotive appeal inside the vehicle while shaping the acoustic perception to the outside world and ensuring that despite its electric drivetrain it looks and sounds like a Mini.

The new Mini sound DNA is based on the essential brand values and exudes a positive, charismatic aura while the Mini experience modes become the stage for the newly created sound worlds. Analogue instruments, digital technology and artificial intelligence combine to generate sounds that define the vehicle as a Mini, convey information and arouse emotions.

Four driving sounds for an individual user experience

The Mini ‘Core’, ‘Go kart’, ‘Timeless’ and ‘Balance’ Experience Modes feature individually curated driving sounds that give the driver acoustic feedback during acceleration. These sounds are audible in the interior, emotionalising the driving experience and conveying an authentic yet informative impression of the driving situation.

The default sound for the new Mini model family will be the ‘Core’ driving sound. It is also the only sound mode that is heard both inside and outside the vehicle, as acoustic protection.

The Mini ‘Go Kart’ driving sound was created for a particularly sporty driving experience and features strongly pronounced pitch and load curves, which form a fitting sound backdrop for agile and dynamic driving.

Tradition and progress are combined in ‘Timeless’ mode where the engine sounds of conventionally powered models from the classic Mini to the Mini John Cooper Works were recorded and combined with a futuristic interpretation of the Mini ‘Core’ driving sound to create an acoustic journey through time. As the vehicle accelerates the sound morphs from the internal combustion engine past to the purely electric present.

The Mini ‘Balance’ driving sound was originally designed for the Mini Vision Urbanaut and is based on the sounds experienced in a forest at different times of the day and night, from the babbling of a stream to the chirping of crickets and the rustling of the wind in the treetops. The resulting sound gives a sense of relaxation and well-being on board future Mini models.

Characteristic jingles and earcons

The driving sounds for the future Mini family are assigned to the equally new experience modes. Their activation is announced with a characteristic jingle. This short sound sequence is designed to get occupants in the mood for the transition to the new vehicle setting.

Earcons serve as distinctive audible symbols to alert drivers to certain events or information. Around 30 of these audible symbols have been designed to accompany functions such as the turn indicator, seat belt warning system or park distance control.