The advantages of approved BMW accessories

The fitment of approved BMW accessories is a great way to personalise your BMW

For many motoring enthusiasts adding accessories to their car is a way of expressing their individualisation and standing out from the crowd. However vehicles these days are highly sophisticated, featuring myriads of technology and using exotic materials. The problem is that accessories that are sold in the aftermarket are not always designed and manufactured to the same engineering standards as that of your vehicle and could have a detrimental effect on your vehicle and even make it unsafe.

Fortunately manufacturers like BMW offer a wide range of accessories that are specifically designed for their vehicles. These accessories are designed in conjunction with the specific model to the same high standards in order to ensure that they work as well as your BMW does and that they are of the same quality.

Accessories range from items like tow bars, roof boxes and bicycle carriers to items from the BMW M Performance Parts range. The options from this category can include carbon-reinforced plastic aerodynamic items such as sill attachments, rear diffusers, mirror caps and boot spoilers as well as exclusive wheel designs. In addition this department also offers under bonnet accessories like sporty exhaust systems designed to optimise the sound of the car’s engine and offer a performance advantage. Upgrades such as performance suspension and brakes are also available for those motorists looking to optimise the handling of their BMW. Interior accessories include items like Alcantara steering wheels and unique carpet sets. For those with young families, BMW even offers a range of baby and child seats that are designed to work with and perfectly compliment the interior of the vehicle.

The wide range of accessories can be ordered with your BMW from the factory or fitted in the dealership environment after you have taken delivery.

In the dealer environment approved BMW accessories will be fitted by BMW specialists working in the BMW workshop. These individuals have intimate knowledge of BMW products and will able to fit any accessories in the best way possible, without causing any damage to your vehicle during the disassembly and reassembly process.

Just as with genuine BMW parts, the fitment of approved BMW accessories will ensure that your pride and joy continues to perform to the same exacting standards to which it was originally created.

The big advantage of fitting approved BMW accessories compared to aftermarket accessories is that your entire warranty and Motorplan will remain in tact and that very often the accessories fitted will feature their own warranty. 

The addition of BMW accessories is a great way to add a personal touch to your BMW without disrupting any of the precise design and engineering principles that went into making your BMW what it is.