Save on fuel costs by riding a motorcycle

How much lighter on fuel are motorcycles really?

With the fuel price increasing significantly on a monthly basis many motorists are looking for ways to cut down on rising fuel costs. A well-proven method of saving money on fuel is to swap four wheels for two. While cars do offer some clear advantages, motorcycles are considerably lighter on fuel, which makes them the ideal addition to any fleet or garage.

Motorcycles are lighter and utilise smaller capacity engines which results in them using up to three times less fuel than the average car. In addition motorcycles are also kinder to the environment as production requires fewer resources and they emit less emissions.

By riding a motorcycle you will also cut down on your travel time as you are able to split lanes on highways, avoid queues of traffic and in most cases park closer to your destination. A shorter travel time, means less fuel used.

Swapping your car for a motorcycle doesn't have to mean buying a superbike or top of the range adventure bike. BMW Motorrad offers a variety of models that are less intimidating and designed specifically for everyday commuting.

Examples include scooter based models like the BMW C 400 GT that is fitted with a one-cylinder engine that uses just 3,5 litres per 100km. 

The BMW G310 R offers the manoeuvrability, easy handling and sportiness that is perfect for tackling the everyday commute. The 313cc single cylinder offers nippy performance that will outperform traffic, even on highways and byways, all while using just 3,3 litres per 100km.

Heritage models like the R nineT range, which includes four models based on the same frame and engine but with different styling packages, are also an option to consider. The R nineT Urban G/S and R nineT Scrambler are two of the best looking motorcycles around and boast an upright riding position that is perfect for negotiating traffic. The 1200cc air-cooled boxer engine might be large in capacity but still uses only 5,1 litres per 100km.

BMW Motorrad offers an extensive range of motorcycles that includes a range of roadsters and one of the most powerful superbikes on the market today, the S 1000 RR. While this model is purely focussed on going fast or carving corners on racetracks, it will still use only 6,4 litres/100km, while doing so.

The legendary BMW GS that gives riders the best of both worlds in terms of on-road and off-road capability and the ability to adventure at will with engine options including 750, 850 and 1250 is still lighter than your average hatchback on fuel. The top of the range R 1250 GS Adventure for example will use just 4,75 litres per 100km. While the GS is designed to be the ultimate adventure tool, it can very easily fulfil the role of a daily commuter too.