Mini launches new Countryman

New Mini Countryman grows in size

Mini have unveiled an all-new Countryman and the model has grown in size, tech and its ability to offer electric mobility to the fans of this British icon.

With an additional six centimetres in height and thirteen centimetres in length, the new Mini Countryman has grown noticeably. In addition wider wheel arches, characteristic charisma and a modern minimalist design with clearly designed surfaces, ensures a significantly enhanced presence.

The design of the new Mini model generation is modern, digital and unmistakable. The brands aim of becoming fully electric by 2030 is reflected in the combination of progressive technology in conjunction with the elementary principals of the brand’s body design and origins.

Refreshed yet familiar design

The car’s expressive off-road character is defined by typical Mini proportions including short overhangs, a short bonnet and the contrasting long wheelbase with large wheels all while embracing improved aerodynamics. The modern exterior design is supported by clear cut surfaces, a slightly curved roof with a seamless transition to the newly designed C-pillar in a trim-specific shape. The distinctive C-pillar element creates a new, highly visible stage for differentiating between different models, equipment options and subsequent editions.

A reduction to the essentials results in hallmark Mini design features such as the visual three-part division in vehicle body, a circumferential window area and a contrasting roof having even greater impact and allowing the new design language to develop a powerful presence.

The front end is defined by the expressive contour of the new octagonal front grille. As with the body design as a whole, the front headlights are not framed with chrome elements anymore, which results in the front section having a focused expression. In conjunction with the tautly curved bonnet, the slightly wider track and the raised body exude superior robustness.

Viewed from the side, the Countryman has a minimalist appearance with a powerful presence. The distinctive design of the C-pillar supports the roofline at the rear while at the same time making it appear shorter. The rear section has an especially consistent appearance with clear surfaces and flush rear lights.

Modern interior

The interior offers even more space, comfort and safety. The dashboard in the new Mini Countryman is designed to work entirely without an additional display behind the steering wheel as all relevant content is projected onto the head up display. The curved dashboard is also made of textile surfaces for the first time. The new, homely feel-good atmosphere in the Mini Countryman is defined by warm, pleasant materials. A specially developed knitting process is used to create the versatile, easy-care structure of the textile in two-colour design made of recycled polyester.

Clear shapes in the cockpit and the increased space in the front seats gives the interior a modern, airy feel. The rear seats can be adjusted by up to 13 centimetres, providing highly comfortable legroom at the rear or additional volume in the luggage compartment. The backrest also offers six positions. The luggage compartment measures an impressive 460 litres, which can be extended to 1 450 litres with the rear seats folded down.

The central OLED display sets a new benchmark with its high resolution and round shape. Thanks to Mini Operating System 9, all vehicle functions can be operated via touch or voice. The graphic presentation of the content is modern and focuses on the essentials.

New Mini experience modes and expanded driving assistance systems including the voice controlled Mini Intelligent Personal assistant, make excursions even more comfortable and entertaining.

Mini Experience modes for individually tailored fun

Mini experience modes allows drivers to flick a toggle switch to activate different modes. Go-kart mode alters suspension mode and throttle response, steering traction control and engine sound while the interior lighting changes to red.

Green mode optimises efficiency and prioritises energy saving driving, while also aligning the electric motor to maximum range.


The new Mini Countryman enables locally emission free mobility and all-electric fun. The model is available in the Countryman E variant and with increased output and with all-wheel drive as the Countryman SE ALL4.

The electric motor in the Mini Countryman E offers the equivalent of 150kW and 250Nm, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 8,6 seconds on its way to a top speed of 170km/h. The all-wheel drive Mini Countryman SE ALL4 boasts 230kW and 494Nm allowing it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5,6 seconds and reach a top speed of 180km/h. The powerful battery has an energy constant of 66,45kWh.

The Mini Countryman is also still offered with innovative and efficient petrol and diesel engines in the Mini Countryman C with front-wheel drive, an all-wheel drive Mini Countryman S ALL4 and increased output model with all-wheel drive in the form of the Mini Countryman JCW ALL4.

Local availability

The details regarding models destined for South Africa and a local launch date is yet to be confirmed.