How certified pre-owned cars can give you peace of mind

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is a good way of getting a good deal

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is a great way of taking advantage of the benefits of a pre-owned vehicle without any of the drawbacks. As certified pre-owned vehicles are in essence endorsed by the manufacturer, they need to meet certain criteria in order to be sold under this banner, meaning only the best quality vehicles qualify. While this might mean a slight extra cost, the added peace of mind is well worth the expense.

Very often certified pre-owned vehicles include demo vehicles, which will allow shoppers to buy an almost new vehicle with low mileage at a considerably reduced price. Certified pre-owned vehicles are sold with a complete vehicle and service history including notes on any accidents or repairs, giving you a great overview of the condition of the vehicle and how it was cared for during its life. Certified pre-owned vehicles are thoroughly checked and any issues are repaired, by manufacturer-trained technicians using genuine parts. If any bodywork or paintwork needs to be repaired this will be done in the appropriate approved facilities to manufacturer controlled standards.

This process means that certified pre-owned vehicles represent the best example of a vehicle of that age of mileage in terms of service history and quality, largely eliminating any unforeseen issues in the short to medium term. Certified pre-owned vehicles are sold with the balance of their service plan and warranty in tact, to a minimum of 1 year or one service visit. Motorists can drive with confidence knowing that any potential issues will be covered by the manufacturer, eliminating any unforeseen expenses.

In many cases certified pre-owned vehicles are covered by roadside assistance, backed up by manufacturer-trained technicians. This ensures added peace of mind and help should anything unforeseen occur with the vehicle. In many cases dealerships will offer special trade in offers and finance deals on certified pre-owned vehicles, including lower interest rates, allowing for the structuring of your finance and insurance agreement in line with your budget.