BMW showcases Vision Neue Klasse X

Discover BMW's Vision Neue Klasse X

BMW Group have given a first glimpse of the Neue Klasse as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X brings the aesthetics, technology, sustainability and philosophy of the Neue Klasse to the Sports Activity Vehicle segment.

In conjunction with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X showcases the breadth of the future BMW line up, from a sporty sedan to a modern SAV.

The latest vision vehicle illustrates how BMW sees the future of its X models with a concept that represents an active lifestyle, efficient dynamics and a confident stance. Its design combines a clear exterior design language with a bright and spacious interior. Special lighting and sound effects enabled by the next generation of BMW iDrive enhance the intuitive digital user experience. 

The three main characteristics of the Neue Klasse, electric, digital and circular have been expanded to include a fourth dimension. The driving pleasure that forms the core of the BMW brand is taken to the next level with drive and chassis control developed specially for the Neue Klasse and with the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology. Its sustainability concept also ensures responsible production, operations, disassembly and recycling.

Innovative drive and chassis control

A new type of drive and chassis control delivers a superior driving experience that is tailored to individual needs. It is based on a new software stack developed in-house by the BMW Group that will help the vehicles of the Neue Klasse guarantee a smooth drive at all times. Two out of four new super brains in the Neue Klasse guarantee a smooth drive at all times. These high-performance computers work smartly together on what, up until now, was processed separately, by integrating the entire powertrain and driving dynamics with up to ten times more computing power. The result is more dynamic performance, more precision, more efficiency and even more fun to drive.

Familiar yet thoroughly modern design

In combination with the two-box design of a BMW X model, the pared down design language developed for the Neue Klasse also represents a major leap forward in terms of both exterior and interior design. With its increased ground clearance, the fully electric vehicle architecture offers new possibilities for an even more spacious interior. It allows for a long wheelbase, short overhangs and classic BMW proportions. Large window areas and the panoramic glass roof flood the interior with natural light, creating an airy spaciousness that is complimented by textiles in warm colours.
The new brand look of the BMW X models also contributes to the Vision Vehicle’s strong presence. Vertically aligned LED units offer a fresh interpretation of BMW’s hallmark light signature. Front and centre is the BMW kidney grille, reimagined as a three-dimensional sculpture with vertically aligned and backlit contours. Together, the headlights and kidney grille create a lighting effect that is activated as the driver approaches the vehicle and continues in the interior.

The rear section is powerful and athletic with rear lights that reach far into the centre providing a horizontal interpretation of the familiar BMW L shape. 3D printed elements are individually controlled with variable light intensity that coneys a particularly expressive depth effect.
Flush glass surfaces and the Bright Silver exterior paintwork give the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X a certain lightness. In the rear portion of the side windows, the brand’s signature Hofmeister kink is realised not through chrome edging, but with a reflective print that forms a transparent or reflective surface, depending on the viewing angle.

Innovative, tech-laden, interior

Inside, the central display is elegantly integrated into the instrument panel, providing both front and rear passengers with access to all infotainment functions.

The Personal Sound Experience, presented for the first time with the new Hypersonx Wheel, opens up further possibilities. With this digital function, car occupants can enjoy their favourite sound on any trip which is generated in real time and adjusted with the tap of a finger on the Hypersonx Wheel. This innovative contribution to the immersive and holistic user experience transforms the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X into a personal experience space.

Verdana, a completely plant-based, mineral-based and petroleum-free surface material was developed for the interior and is utilised in the lower portion of the door panelling and centre console. Maritime plastics are also being utilised for the first time for injection moulded parts.

BMW eDrive technology

In the Neue Klasse overall vehicle efficiency reaches a new level thanks to the latest, sixth generation BMW eDrive technology. In addition to improved e-drive units, it also features new and round lithium-ion battery cells, with a volumetric energy density more than 20 percent higher than that of the prismatic cells previously used. In combination with the transition to an 800-volt system, this will improve charging speed by up to 30 percent, allowing vehicles to charge sufficiently for a 300-kilometre range in just ten minutes. 


The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X is a concept model and is yet to enter production.